Trystan Reese has a wide and diverse background of training and experiences that includes extensive political organizing, LGBT leadership development, fundraising strategy, and supervision skills. He completed the Professional Facilitator Training with the Social Justice Training Institute, a nationally-renown team of racial justice experts, and is adept at managing issues of race, power, and privilege amongst individuals, groups, or systems.

His honest and intuitive coaching style has made him a highly sought-after executive coach to CEO’s and Executive Directors across the country. His ability to quickly assess a situation and find practical solutions to complicated organizational challenges has aided several non-profits in healing rifts and increasing programmatic outcomes. As a transgender man himself, he is able to train even advanced groups on issues around transgender justice and equity.

Trystan is currently working with the Oregon Department of Corrections to ensure trans competency across Oregon’s prison system. He is also a training consultant with Basic Rights Oregon's Fair Workplace Project, dedicated to increasing trans awareness at businesses and nonprofits across the state.

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DEI Services   

One-on-one coaching or interventions with staff members struggling with DEI issues

Group workshops and trainings on racial equity and transgender issues

Organizational analysis of policies, practices, procedures, and outcomes impacting staff and community members from key demographics


An Even Newer Normal: Queer Families Today. More and more LGBTQ people are deciding to build their own families outside the bounds of "normalcy." Hear one family's journey into the future as they share the trials and jubilation that comes with emergency foster placement, adoption, and biological child-creation. 

Trans Justice 101: The Trans Revolution. An intro to common terms, definitions, oppressions, and resilience tactics taken by the trans community.  

Advanced Trans Justice: Transforming our Daily Lives. Dig deep into how you can integrate trans solidarity into your everyday life, infusing gender justice into everything you do. 

Storytelling as Revolution. Hear the behind-the-scenes story behind "the pregnant man," as Trystan explains exactly how he secured trans-competent journalists from CNN to Buzzfeed who were willing to tell his story the way he wanted-- with fairness, integrity, and humor. 

Racial Justice 101. A primer on white privilege, this session provides a basic understanding of interpersonal, cultural, historic, and systemic racism in America today. 

Hacking White Supremacy: Advanced Racial Justice for White People.  This is an advanced opportunity for white leaders in the social justice movement to unpack whiteness, white privilege, and internalized dominance. How does white privilege function in your life, your work, your family? This will be a space for white people or multiracial people with light-skinned privilege to deepen our analysis, build our skills, and make public commitments to end racism. 

Beyond These Walls: Voices from Transgender Prisoners in the U.S. Our prison system is situation squarely at the intersection of race, class, and gender. Come learn about how and why LGBT people are incarcerated, what they face in our prison systems, and what you can do about it.

Queer Life After College. How can you translate your academic experiences and support into an integrated, fulfilling life after graduation? Learn how to navigate gender-neutral pronouns in the nonprofit movement, communicate with your boss about transition, and bring your queerness into any professional environment. 

Workshops or Plenaries



Trystan’s level of analysis around intersectional issues is comprehensive and goes deep. As a board member for Q Center, Trystan brought a wealth of experience and perspective that helped guide our board and staff to make more equitable and strategic decisions. I recommend Trystan to anyone who wants a compassionate, brilliant and fun leader as part of their team.
— Justin Pabalate, Q Center Co-Executive Director
Loved Trystan! He was very engaging, open and honest. A wonderful speaker!
— SEIU 503 Staff Member, attended Trans Justice 101 session
Trystan’s training on trans issues got RAVE reviews from our attorneys and staff. The feedback was uniformly positive (which never happens in my office). Well prepared, non-judgmental and very eye-opening!”

”How can I say this? Trystan is incredible - amazing. I think his training was one of the absolute best we’ve ever had at the office. I was just walking down the street and I ran into an intern who told me the same thing. “That was the best brown bag I ever attended. He should do more….”

”Trystan is an incredible facilitator and presenter, made me feel safe and comfortable talking about sensitive issues, and came off as incredibly non-judgmental. Also, content was great, informative, and very important for the work we do with our clients. I loved that he weaved in real feedback from real clients and used their voices to educate us.
— Attornies, Metropolitan Public Defender Services

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