Our Story

Biff Chaplow is a social worker and parent. He used to work with formerly-homeless individuals on Skid Row and now supports people with mental health challenges. 

Trystan Reese is a gay trans dad, working as a social justice professional. He is currently pregnant. 

Together, they are Biff and I.

They didn't think their story, of adopting their niece and nephew (both survivors of an abusive situation), was an exceptional one. That is, until WNYC's parenting podcast, The Longest Shortest Time, did a four-part series on their unique situation. Suddenly, the young couple found themselves sharing the lessons they learned, becoming parents under such stressful circumstances, with many people across the country. 

Their candid storytelling ability and the passion they have for each other (and their children) has led to this website, which will house the occasional parenting essay, advertise upcoming speaking engagements, and give folks a chance to hear more from Biff and Trystan. 

Recently, they have decided to speak publicly about having their first biological child, which Trystan is carrying. Dozens of news outlets have picked up their story and they continue to be excited to share their story of family with the world.