The Small Stuff

All over our social channels, Biff and I talk a lot about the big stuff that comes up when parenting. Staying connected as a couple. Talking to our kids about being adopted. Not letting our identities become subsumed by parenting. But what we don’t talk about as much is the little stuff that make parenting hard. Not getting enough sleep. Dealing with the big kids’ constant bickering. Having a toddler who all of a sudden wants to open every cabinet and every drawer in the house. 

Remember this video of Leo taking out every diaper from his changing table??!!!

And then there are strollers. 

When you have a crappy stroller... you know it. It doesn’t open up easily so you’re always trying to somehow balance your cup of coffee and your baby while pleading with the stroller to JUST UNLATCH ALREADY. There’s this little tiny space underneath where somehow you’re supposed to fit your diaper bag but in reality, only one kid-sized sweatshirt can be stored there. And when you have to put it away, it somehow always manages to collapse in the closet, pushing the hallway door open so guests can see all of last year’s Christmas decorations sitting there. 

Too specific? Well maybe that’s just our house then. 😂😂😂


Anyway, we have always hated having to deal with a stroller. It’s just been an awkward experience from day one.

Until we got an UPPAbaby CRUZ. Holy crap, you guys. This thing is a dream. Or, as Biff said when he opened the box, “It’s so handsome!!!” And it fits perfectly into our lives.

From the comfy padded handlebars to the sleek, modern styling... this stroller is GORGEOUS. Then you pick up the wheels and it’s like, “Oh! These feel like real wheels!” They can handle sidewalks AND hiking trails. Parks and playgrounds. The seat folds all the way back, for naps, and can be easily switched from front-facing to parent-facing (a feature I discovered last week when Leo was unhappy with the setting sun in his eyes). The canopy is full and can fold out to block almost any bright light (except an setting sun, apparently) and has a UPF of 50. 

And— get this— it STANDS UP ON ITS OWN when it’s collapsed. So you can just set it in the closet and it stays there. 

It’s literally the perfect stroller. So we can forget about our walking worries and go back to focusing on the big stuff. 

We love our UPPAbaby so much that we even made a video about it! Enjoy!!!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.