Is your team struggling to support a new trans staff member? Are clients complaining about your policies not being trans-inclusive? Are funder requiring you to show trans competency before issuing grants to support your work? As the world shifts to better understand transgender people, is your organization keeping up? 

Trystan Reese has extensive experience training groups of all sizes and experience levels-- traditional corporations with no previous discussion of transgender issues, high school students eager to learn about identity, or radical nonprofits working to sharpen their analysis around trans justice. 

As a transgender man himself, he weaves his personal story into his sessions as he teaches basic vocabulary and terms, facilitates conversations around specific issues an organization is facing, and provides concrete tools designed to equip teams to grapple with an array of trans issues. 

Trystan has worked with staff at prisons and homeless shelters; foster care volunteers and city employees; high school teachers and theatre companies. He can teach you how to successfully use gender-neutral pronouns, intervene in a moment of tension around trans identities, and handle a mistake with grace and ease. His trainings come in hour-long, 90-minute, and 3-hour sessions, and can be tailored to your organization's specific needs or pulled right out of the box for a more cost-effective partnership.

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Trans Justice 101: The Trans Revolution. An intro to common terms, definitions, oppressions, and resilience tactics taken by the trans community. Suitable for any nonprofit, religious organization, small business, major corporation, or government entity. 

Advanced Trans Justice: Transforming our Daily Lives. Dig deep into how you can integrate trans solidarity into your everyday life, infusing gender justice into everything you do. Suitable for organizations that have already gone through an education process around trans issues, such as a law firm specializing in trans cases, a nonprofit dedicated to social justice, or health professionals with past training. 

An Even Newer Normal: Queer Families Today. More and more LGBTQ people are deciding to build their own families outside the bounds of "normalcy." Hear one family's journey into the future as they share the trials and jubilation that comes with emergency foster placement, adoption, and biological child-creation. Suitable for media outlets, health conferences, or other learning environments comprised of individuals or teams working to support alternative family-building. 

Storytelling as Revolution. Hear the behind-the-scenes story behind "the pregnant man," as Trystan explains exactly how he secured trans-competent journalists from CNN to Buzzfeed who were willing to tell his story the way he wanted-- with fairness, integrity, and humor. Suitable for media trainings, LGBT organizations working on trans messaging, or communications conferences. 

Racial Justice 101. A primer on white privilege, this session provides a basic understanding of interpersonal, cultural, historic, and systemic racism in America today. Co-facilitated with an experienced trainer of color. Suitable for any nonprofit, community or religious organization, or government entity working to build a basic understanding of race and racism. 

Hacking White Supremacy: Advanced Racial Justice for White People. This is an advanced opportunity for white leaders in the social justice movement to unpack whiteness, white privilege, and internalized dominance. How does white privilege function in your life, your work, your family? This will be a space for white people or multiracial people with light-skinned privilege to deepen our analysis, build our skills, and make public commitments to end racism. Suitable for social justice conferences, nonprofits or community organizations with an existing commitment to racial justice. 

Beyond These Walls: Voices from Transgender Prisoners in the U.S. Our prison system is situation squarely at the intersection of race, class, and gender. Come learn about how and why LGBT people are incarcerated, what they face in our prison systems, and what you can do about it. Suitable for social justice conferences or convenings, prisoner support organizations, and LGBT organizations looking to hone their understanding of the criminal justice system. 

Queer Life After College. How can you translate your academic experiences and support into an integrated, fulfilling life after graduation? Learn how to navigate gender-neutral pronouns in the nonprofit movement, communicate with your boss about transition, and bring your queerness into any professional environment. Suitable for college audiences, either in a classroom, social group, or conference setting. Available via Skype upon request. 

Delete Your Account: Surviving Online Critique Culture. In our current environment of online vitriol, it can be difficult to navigate the shifting winds of "calling out" and "calling in," especially if you are also grappling with assaults from right-wing extremists. When the attacks come from all sides, how do you survive? Learn how Biff and Trystan recruited allies, shut down haters, and leveraged Twitter wars into more support for the transgender community. Suitable for college audiences, youth conferences, and communications trainings. 




Both students and faculty were absolutely enthralled with Trystan’s Trans 201 presentation, and we have received nothing but glowing reviews from everyone in attendance. Not only was his presentation accessible for folks new to the issues, it was also engaging and refreshing for students and faculty who attended his event last year. In fact, faculty and staff were so impressed with the program that they immediately inquired as to the possibility of Trystan providing more trainings. We greatly look forward to the possibility of working with him again in the future!
— Caitlin Skurky, Lewis & Clark Law School
As a leader, facilitator, and project manager, Trystan excels. We loved working with him and would recommend him to any organization seeking to increase its trans competency!
— Lisa Hubbard, Organizing Director, SEIU 503
Loved Trystan! He was very engaging, open and honest. A wonderful speaker!
— SEIU 503 Staff Member, attended Trans Justice 101 session
His presentations are full of positive energy, while still tackling the toughest subjects and addressing inequity and privilege. In addition to hiring him to train staff, I have used his services as a consultant to answer my advanced inquiries on trans employment and equity. I highly recommend this EDI professional!
— Lorena Reynolds, Attorney, The Reynolds Law Firm, PC
Trystan’s training on trans issues got RAVE reviews from our attorneys and staff. The feedback was uniformly positive (which never happens in my office). Well prepared, non-judgmental and very eye-opening!”

”How can I say this? Trystan is incredible - amazing. I think his training was one of the absolute best we’ve ever had at the office. I was just walking down the street and I ran into an intern who told me the same thing. “That was the best brown bag I ever attended. He should do more….”

”Trystan is an incredible facilitator and presenter, made me feel safe and comfortable talking about sensitive issues, and came off as incredibly non-judgmental. Also, content was great, informative, and very important for the work we do with our clients. I loved that he weaved in real feedback from real clients and used their voices to educate us.
— Attornies, Metropolitan Public Defender Services

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