Trystan had first-hand experience of what it meant to be a pregnant man sharing his story with the world. But in the face of sharp reactions, rude questions, and endless internet comments, how does a person find the strength and clarity of purpose to continue?

CTV News: Transgender man Trystan Reese says giving birth to a healthy baby boy was a special way to grow his family with his partner Biff Chaplow.

Here is a video update I recorded when I was 36 weeks (almost 37!) pregnant. I talk about fearing rejection from the transgender community, dealing with pregnancy pain (lots of it!), and getting ready to finally welcome our new baby to the family. Enjoy! Featuring photos from Kevin Truong, Sebastien Micke, Sunny Lee, and Sean Black.

Inside Edition: Trystan Reese, a 34-year-old transgender man, has given birth to a boy weighing in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces. Baby Leo arrived on July 14 and Reese, along with his partner Biff Chaplow, has been over the moon ever since. The couple decided to keep certain details to themselves, like how the baby was born and how he is fed.

What happens when a man gives birth? Check out Trystan's story all about labor and life with a newborn.

Washington Post: Trystan Reese, a transgender man, gave birth to a healthy boy on July 14 in Portland, Ore.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Online: Watch the amazing story of Trystan and Biff's journey of becoming pregnant with their third child.

CBS: This Morning. A transgender man in Oregon who gave birth to a baby boy is sharing his pregnancy on social media in hopes of changing the stigma surrounding it. An estimated 1.4 million adults in the U.S. identify as transgender, but the government has no documented numbers on transgender men who have given birth.

Trystan Angel Reese, Director of Family Formation at Family Equality Council, gives the keynote address at 2018’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Seattle, Washington.